Woodlawn Gateway at 65th Street / by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Woodlawn-65th Street and South Dorchester Ave
Year(s): 2017
Participants: Volunteers and Community Members
Square Footage: 4000
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Jordan Taggart, Elnaz Javani, Brad Mason, Devin Torres, Clara Joyce, Kinga Szopinska, Rachel Wilson, Shelby Curwen-Garber, Jelisa Davis, Lilia Hristeva, Jamie Porto
Description: This sprawling mural spans both sides of the underpass at Woodlawn and 65th Street and is a tribute to the area's illustrious history and lush natural environment. The mural includes historic pictures of Woodlawn, depictions of local wildlife, and features the Obama family at the 2013 Inaguration Ball, Minnie Ripperton, Lorraine Hansberry, and Angela Davis.