Board of Directors CommitteeS

We are looking for individuals to serve on the Governance, Program, or Marketing & Development Committee of our Board of Directors. Membership on the Board of Directors and its Committees is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about GSM's mission and eager to share their skills and resources to ensure this organization's future.

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to develop policies for the operation of the organization; to monitor the organization's financial health, programs, and overall performance; and to provide the chief executive officer with the resources to meet the needs of those that the organization serves.

Committee members are brought on quarterly and serve for a minimum of 1 year. Committee members that successfully serve on a committee for at least one quarter may be eligible for membership on the Board of Directors.


  • GSM Board committees meet quarterly on the third Wednesday of the month.

  • Give/Get at least $500 for Green Star Movement through a combination of personal or solicited monetary donations; event ticket purchases; in-kind donations of food, drink, materials; and/or sponsorships. (At least $125 must be a direct give)

Ideal Candidates for a Board Committee will have the following qualifications:

  • 7+ years of professional experience in business, government, philanthropy, or the nonprofit sector

  • Professional and personal resources for raising funds and awareness for Green Star Movement

  • A commitment to and an understanding of GSM’s mission and beneficiaries

  • Savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals

  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for public art


The Program Committee helps Green Star Movement to:

  • Enhance program curriculum and Evaluate and Measure expected outcomes of participation

  • Develop framework for identifying target areas for programming

  • Expand programming through the development of strategic partnerships

  • Secure funding by finding and applying for suitable program grants.

The Marketing and Development Committee helps Green Star Movement to: 

  • Plan and Execute its annual fundraising event and campaigns

  • Provide guidance to the board on achieving its financial goals

  • Consider and carry out methods to market the message of Green Star Movement to a broader audience

  • Conduct market research to promote our mission and increase donor pool

The Governance Committee helps Green Star Movement to:

  • Recruit, Develop, and Elect new Board Members

  • Evaluate and Support current Board Members

  • Develop new committees and task forces, by-laws, governing policies, and organizational structure.