At a time when communities in Chicago and elsewhere have experienced sharp increases in hostility and violence, Green Star Movement wants to provide an outlet for individuals and groups throughout the city to have productive dialogues about the ways their community can promote tolerance, empathy, and safe spaces, and to memorialize those ideas with permanent mini murals that will be installed in highly-visible areas in their neighborhoods.

With these objectives in mind, we have developed the Green Star Movement Peace Panda project, which will empower Chicagoans to promote peace in their neighborhoods by collaborating on vibrant, mini murals anchored around the panda bear, a peaceful, non-confrontational animal.

We have set our fundraising goal at $3000, which will help cover the cost of administering the design and creation workshops, materials, and installations for 8 peace pandas.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for more details on how the Peace Panda Project will be carried out. If you have any questions or suggestions for partners/locations, please email  THANK YOU!



Through discussions with students and representatives of neighborhood organizations, we will help them identify symbols, actions, and words that reflect their community's unique approach to conflict resolution, fellowship, respect for diversity, and more. These ideas will then inspire the personalization of one or more panda bear designs for that community, ultimately reflecting their unique point of view and strengths. So, while each peace panda will be one-of-a-kind, there will be a consistent theme in the murals to unify the messages across the city.

The collaborative process of designing and creating the mosaics will further dialogues about peace, justice, and community strengths and serve as permanent reminders of the positivity in each of these communities.

With $3000, we will be able to lead mini workshops to design and create up to 8 mosaics for neighborhoods throughout the city. The mosaics will each be about 3 square feet and will be thoughtfully placed in high-traffic areas with the input and approval of the community members themselves.

Peace Warriors at North Lawndale College Prep
Earthheart Foundation
More partners to come!

North Lawndale
More neighborhoods to come!

We will be raising money for this project through the end of 2016. In early spring of 2017, we will lead workshops with our partners where we will design and create the murals in addition to finalizing the exact locations for the mini mosaics. By late spring 2017, we will install the mosaics.