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Under the supervision of a member of the Green Star staff, interns will provide assistance with our program and administrative needs while gaining valuable professional experience and receiving feedback on a range of skills. Internships are offered quarterly in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. 

Applications for Fall 2019 internships are due by September 30, 2019. Fall internships take place October – mid-December.

Applications for Winter 2019 internships are due by January 5, 2020. Winter internships take place February – April.

Interns must be able to commit 12-18 hours per week in the during regular business hours Monday - Friday.

Mural Arts Internship
Mural Arts Interns will:

  • Gain skills in the fundamentals of bricolage mosaic (tiling, grouting, mirror-cutting, sculpture, mixing/coloring mortar, etc.)

  • Develop relationship-building skills with youth

  • Teach/lead a small group of students or volunteers in tasks and activities

  • Prepare the work site for the day’s tasks and conduct clean up

  • Be able to teach/lead a small group of students or volunteers in tasks and activities

  • Be able to give positive constructive feedback to youth and volunteers

Social Media and Events Internship
Social Media and Events Interns will:

  • Manage our existing social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in order to promote our program, volunteer opportunities, classes and events

  • Expand social media engagement by sourcing and scheduling content and interacting with followers on all platforms

  • Help promote our Classes and Fundraisers

  • Solicit in-kind donations from local businesses for Soiree, our annual fall fundraiser

  • Collaborate to develop partnerships for our fundraisers, mosaic classes, and other events

  • All interns may be asked to support our program team by helping periodically at our classroom and installation sites.

Video Production and Photography Internship
Video Production and Photography Interns will:

  • Shoot and edit original and/or edit existing content for various platforms, including Instagram and YouTube

  • Research video concepts and gather relevant content for new projects

  • Work with the colleagues to develop strategies for incorporating videos into our social media platforms

  • Produce at least 3-5 videos of 60-90 seconds

Illustration and Graphic Design Internship
Illustration and Graphic Design Interns will:

  • Assist in the conceptualization, design, and layout of printed and digital marketing materials

  • Manage and create unique graphics and infographics for use on social media channels

  • Create illustrations of our finished murals and sculptures which can be incorporated into our program lesson plans and used in promotional materials

  • Contribute to overall brand awareness


Marketing and Development Internship
Marketing and Development Interns will:

  • Research corporate and foundation grants

  • Help plan and execute small events/fundraisers

  • Help implement and execute the end of year solicitation campaign

  • Learn to be efficient in CRM software and donor database management

  • Compose letters to donors and prospects on programs requiring funding

  • Communicate with donors/volunteers (thank-you calls, correspondence).

  • Oversee/execute materials packing and shipment for initiatives