18th Ward by Erica Hawkinson

Location: Ashburn, W 79th St & S Kedzie Ave Chicago, IL 60652
Year(s): 2018
Participants: Volunteers and Community Members
Square Footage: 3200
Partner(s): 18th Ward
Green Star Team: Michal Taylor, Humberto Saldana, Kamelia Hristeva
Description: This mural, located at a busy intersection on the Southwest Side of Chicago, is part of the 50x50 Neighborhood Arts Project, which provided funding for a public art project in each of Chicago's 50 Wards.

The 18th Ward chose us to help beautify this Metra underpass to make it more pedestrian-friendly. They wanted a design that would name each of the different neighborhoods of the ward, showcase the diversity in the area, and highlight the fact that many people in the ward are civil servants, including police and fire fighters. 


Fernwood Elementary by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Washington Heights- 10041 S Union Ave, Chicago, IL 60628
Year(s): 2017
Participants: 4th-8th Grade
Square Footage: n/a
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Jordan Taggart, Elnaz Javani, Jamie Porto
Description: The students at Fernwood Elementary on the far South Side chose to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama alongside inspiring wording that decorates columns throughout the school's main hallway.

Brooklyn Boulders-West Loop by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Near West Side-100 S Morgan St. Chicago, IL 60607
Year(s): 2017
Square Footage: 2
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Erica Hawkinson, Shelby Curwen-Garber, Miriam Model Gazen
Description: We completed two pieces for the rock-climbing company, Brooklyn Boulders. The mosaic brightens up the entrance and reflects the colorful, dramatic, and geometric shapes of the indoor climbing wall.

Colvin House by Erica Hawkinson


Location:  Edgewater-5940 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660
Year(s): 2017
Participants: 30 [9th-12th Grade]
Square Footage: 375 sq ft
Partner(s): After School Matters; 48th Ward
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Jordan Taggart, Elnaz Javani
Description: Over the fall of 2016, teens in our After School Matters program at Broadway Armory explored the ideas of identity and diversity during our design workshops, then they combined their thoughtful sketches into a masterpiece that showcases the beauty of multiculturalism. In the spring of 2017, they finally created and installed the mural at Colvin House in Edgewater.

West Ridge Nature Preserve by Erica Hawkinson


Location: West Ridge-5801 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60659
Year(s): 2017
Participants: n/a
Square Footage: 90 sq ft
Partner(s): Ward 40
Green Star Team: Elnaz Javani, Clara Joyce, Claire Jakubiszyn
Description: Inspired by the lush beauty of the West Ridge Nature Preserve, these three mosaic tree tower sculptures, situated along the walking path, pay tribute to the surrounding wildlife.

Perspectives Charter School by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Bronzeville-3663 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60653
Year(s): 2017
Participants: 30 [9th-12th Grade]
Square Footage: n/a
Partner(s): After School Matters; Horizon Pharma
Green Star Team: Michal Taylor, Jamie Porto, Shelby Curwen-Garber, Sylwia Kusiak, Humberto Saldana
Description: This three-panel mural at Perspectives Charter School honors prominent women in Science, Mathematics, and Technology. The mural also highlights the school's values: self-perception, productivity, and relationships.

Lakeview by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Lakeview-1025 W Belmont Ave, Chicago,IL 60657
Year(s): 2017
Participants: 15 [9th-12th graders]
Square Footage: n/a
Partner(s): Ward 44
Green Star Team: Michal Taylor, Sylwia Kusiak, Kamelia Hristeva
Description: Inspired by the resplendent beauty of nature, this larger-than-life mural provides a splash of color and light alongside a sidewalk in Lakeview.

Woodlawn Gateway at 65th Street by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Woodlawn-65th Street and South Dorchester Ave
Year(s): 2017
Participants: Volunteers and Community Members
Square Footage: 4000
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Jordan Taggart, Elnaz Javani, Brad Mason, Devin Torres, Clara Joyce, Kinga Szopinska, Rachel Wilson, Shelby Curwen-Garber, Jelisa Davis, Lilia Hristeva, Jamie Porto
Description: This sprawling mural spans both sides of the underpass at Woodlawn and 65th Street and is a tribute to the area's illustrious history and lush natural environment. The mural includes historic pictures of Woodlawn, depictions of local wildlife, and features the Obama family at the 2013 Inaguration Ball, Minnie Ripperton, Lorraine Hansberry, and Angela Davis.

Berwyn Underpass at Lake Shore Drive by Erica Hawkinson

Location: Edgewater Beach-950 W. Berwyn Ave, Chicago, IL 60640
Year(s): 2017
Participants: Volunteers and Community Members 
Square Footage: 1000
Partner(s): 48th Ward
Green Star Team: Jordan Taggart, Devin Torres, Jelisa Davis, Kinga Szopinska, Rachel Wilson
Description: Our team completed this "Welcome to Edgewater" mural on the Berwyn Underpass with the help of the 48th ward.


Peace Panda Project by Erica Hawkinson

Location: Multiple
Year(s): 2017
Participants: n/a
Square Footage: n/a
Partner(s): iGrow, Earthheart Foundation, Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Peace Warriors of North Lawndale College Prep
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva; Jamie Porto; Kinga Szopinska; Michal Taylor; Jordan Taggart
Description: In 2016, Green Star Movement conceived of the Peace Panda Project, which would highlight the ways individuals and communities across Chicago promote tolerance, inclusivity, and non-violence, and then those efforts would be memorialized with permanent mini murals that installed in highly-visible areas in the city.

At the end of 2016, we fundraised for the Peace Panda Project and our generous supporters helped us surpass our goal. 

Over the course of 2017, we solicited ideas from people and groups to develop themes for 8 Peace Pandas that were designed, created and then installed* in neighborhoods across the city.

Almost all 8 pandas now have homes around Chicago and represent the ideals of family, cooperation, sanctuary, contemplation, perseverance, hope, community, and compassion.

*Due to weather constraints, we will be installing the final two pandas in the spring of 2018.

Skinner West Elementary by Erica Hawkinson

Location: Near West Side - 1260 W Adams St, Chicago IL 60607
Year(s): 2015-2017
Participants:  360 [4th - 8th grade students]
Square Footage: 600
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Hana Kulovic, Neta Levinson, Teresa Miro, Michal Taylor, Elnaz Javani, Devin Torres
Description:  Over three school years, GSM worked with 4th-8th grade students at Skinner West Elementary to beautify their school with internationally-recognized skylines, three-dimensional stars, and multicultural images and sculptures that celebrate diversity.




The Burnham at Woodlawn Park - Preservation of Affordable Housing by Erica Hawkinson

Location: Woodlawn - 6154 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago IL 60637
Year(s): 2017
Participants: n/a
Square Footage: n/a
Partner(s): Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva; Meera Rampalli; Brad Mason
Description: Our team completed a mirror-mosaic sculpture and tile-mosaic benches for the courtyard of an affordable housing complex in Woodlawn run by the Preservation of Affordable Housing Chicago. The designs for both the sculpture and the bench were inspired by traditional African imagery and patterns.


Stevenson Elementary by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Ashburn - 8010 S. Kostner, Chicago IL 60652
Year(s): 2017
Participants: 120 [4th-8th grade students]
Square Footage: 
Partner(s): Creative Schools Fund
Green Star Team: Jordan Taggart; Elnaz Javani; Devin Torres
Description: The students at Stevenson Elementary completed a music-themed mural that blends music staffs, musicians, and dancers from around the world.

Inter-American Elementary by TechTeam


Location: Lake View - 851 W. Waveland, Chicago, IL
Year(s): 2013
Participants: 30 [9th-12th grade students]
Square Footage: 600
Partner(s): After School Matters
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Anna Soltys, Michal Taylor, Efren Adkins
Description: Located on columns at the front of the school and the wall facing the playground, these murals feature imagery from international cultures, such as Japan and Mexico. 

Inter-American is one of the oldest and most comprehensive dual language schools in the Midwest. Students learn to speak, read and write fluently in both Spanish and English.

Gunsaulus Elementary by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Brighton Park - 4420 S Sacramento Ave, Chicago IL 60632
Year(s): 2014-2016
Participants: 40 [4th-8th grade students]
Square Footage: 2500
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Anna Soltys, Efren Adkins, Hana Kulovic, Teresa Miro, Michal Taylor
Description: Over several years, Green Star Movement completed several projects at this elementary school in Brighton Park. GSM murals can be found on the main entrance, facing the playing field and playground, and on the theater entrance.

Burr Elementary by TechTeam


Location: Bucktown - 1621 W Wabansia, Chicago, IL 60640
Year(s): 2013
Participants: 150 [4th-8th grade students]
Square Footage: 2000
Partner(s): Friends of Burr
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Anna Soltys, Michal Taylor, Tatiana Garcia, Hana Kulovic
Description: Located on the facade of the school that faces the playground and school garden, this mural depicts a bright sun, plants, and insects.

Mann Elementary by Erica Hawkinson


Location: South Chicago- 8050 S Chappel, Chicago IL 60617
Year(s): 2014-2017
Participants: 550 [4th-8th grade students]
Square Footage: 3000
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Michal Taylor, Jamie Porto, Hana Kulovic, Lydia Shepard, Elnaz Javani, Erin Bourne
Description:  From 2014 to 2016, with the help of 4th-8th grade students from Mann Elementary, Green Star Movement completed murals that wrap around the school's exterior and brighten up the playground and cafeteria. In 2017, we completed the final phase of a 4-year project to wrap Mann Elementary with mosaic. The coup de grace was this 150 ft smoke stack that is covered in hot air balloons. The balloons' designs range from prominent African Americans such as Katherine Johnson of NASA and Thurgood Marshall of the Supreme Court to symbols of our community such as the Chicago flag and a cardinal, the state bird of Illinois.

Helen C. Peirce School of International Studies by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Andersonville - 1423 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago IL 60660
Year(s): 2015-2017
Participants: 265 [4th-8th grade students]
Square Footage: 350
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Hana Kulovic, Miriam Engel, Michal Taylor, Jamie Porto, Shelby Curwen-Garber

In 2015, Green Star Movement (GSM) and 15 students completed a mural of a world map and flags representing the US, Chicago, and Sweden, the country of origin for many of the neighborhood's settlers, bring flair to the entrance of this school for international studies.

In 2017, with the help of 250 wonderful Helen C. Peirce students, our team completed two garden-themed murals for the entrance and side areas of the school. The bees featured in the entry area were hand-sculpted by the students!

Hearst Fine Arts Academy & Academy for Global Citizenship by Erica Hawkinson


Location: LeClaire Courts - 4640 S Lamon, Chicago, IL 60638
Year(s): 2013
Participants: 500 [4th-8th grade students]
Square Footage: 1100
Partner(s): Openlands
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Efren Adkins, Michal Taylor
Description: OSituated between the campuses of both schools, the words "grow" and "conserve" are accompanied by scenes depicting a garden and a natural landscape.

Penn Elementary by Erica Hawkinson


Location: North Lawndale - 1616 S Avers, Chicago IL 60623
Year(s): 2016
Participants: 150 [4th-8th grade students]
Square Footage: n/a
Partner(s): Openlands
Green Star Team: Jordan Taggart; Kamelia Hristeva; Cassie Rogala
Description: With the support and inspiration of our partner Openlands, one of the oldest metropolitan conservation organizations in the nation, our team worked with the students of Penn to create a mural that emphasizes the beauty and wonder of the natural world. One of the highlights of the mural is a diagram of the process of photosynthesis.