The Peace Corner Youth Center by TechTeam

Location: South Austin - 5022 W Madison, Chicago, IL
Year(s): 2011
Participants: 15 [9th-12th grade students]
Partner(s): After School Matters
Description: Located inside the youth center, this three-dimensional geometric installation is covered entirely with cut mirror.

Ordinarily, mirrors reflect only light, but these, shaped and placed by young hands of hope, reflect life. Some mirrors are bigger, others are small; some are flat others have depth, but all have come together as beauty. Day by day, this mural represents how each of us has something to contribute and reflect something positive to the world.
— Duane Wilson, Director at the Peace Corner

Austin Community Resource Center by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Austin - 501 N Central, Chicago, IL 60644
Year(s): 2015
Participants: 28 [9th-12th grade students]
Partner(s): After School Matters
Description: High school students from the Austin area created murals that cover the community center's front entrance and window wells on the side of the building. 

Lacuna Artists Loft by TechTeam


Location: Pilsen - 2150 S Canalport, Chicago, IL
Year(s): 2013-2014
Description: Four murals brighten up the main floor restrooms, rooftop bar, and the north and southeast entrances of this multipurpose cultural arts center.