Savanna La Mar by Amanda Martinez


Location: Seaton St, Savanna la Mar, Jamaica
Year(s): 2018 Partner(s): Rockhouse Foundation
Description: We partnered with the Rockhouse Foundation to beautify the new school they are building, which is the first inclusive infant academy serving children of all learning abilities including those with special needs. The mural is more than 100ft long and showcases the diverse people and landscape of the country. 

Negril Community Center by Amanda Martinez


Location: norman manley blvd, Negril, Jamaica
Year(s): 2018 Participants: Staff and Volunteers
Description: This building in the center of Negril, a popular beach destination, is a multi-use facility that hosts youth programming, community meetings, congregations, and more. We transformed one side of the yellow structure with a design that alludes to the harmonious connection between humankind and the natural world in order to honor Negril's rich history as a fishing village.

Gertrude Nielson Childcare Center by Amanda Martinez


Location: 3835 Willow Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Year(s): 2018 Participants: Pre-schoolers
Description: This installation includes two mosaic planters and two sculptures. Gertrude Nielson pre-schoolders helped in the creation of ceramic pinecones which can be seen on each planter.

Perspectives Charter by Amanda Martinez


Location: 3663 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60653
Year(s): 2018 Partners: After School Matters Participants: 9th-12th Grade
Description: Our team worked with Chicago youth to create an installation for Perspective Charter School’s stage backdrop. The mural brings school spirit to the stage by depicting Perspective’s wolverine mascot.

Castellanos Elementary by Amanda Martinez


Location: 2524 Central Park Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623
Year(s): 2018 Partners: After School Matters Participants: 9th-12th Grade
Description: This mural, located in Little Village pays tribute to Rosario Castellanos (whom the school was originally named after). Rosario is an influential historical figure from Mexico. She was a famous poet and author in the early 1900’s, known for writing about feminism and cultural oppression. The installation contains a famous quote from Rosario which reads “We have to laugh. Because laughter, we already know is the first evidence of freedom.”

Hedges by Amanda Martinez


Location: 4747 S Winchester Ave, Chicago, IL 60609
Year(s): 2018

Partners: After School Matters
Description: The four influential women displayedin the mural are trailblazers who have each used their voices to fight for under-represented groups of people. Rigoberta Menchu, Sor Juana Inés De La Cruz, Dolores Huerta, and Sonia Sotomayor

Saucedo Scholastic Academy by Erica Hawkinson


Location: 2850 West 24th Boulevard, 2850 W 24th Boule Chicago, IL 60623
Year(s): 2018
Participants: Students
Partner(s): na
Description: Saucedo Scholastic Academy tributes Maria Saucedo in this mural that incorporates words showcasing the school's values, including "Si Se Puede" which translates to "Yes You Can". Created with the help of students, this adds a colorful expression to the playground.

Hedges Elementary School by Amanda Martinez

Location: 4747 S Winchester Ave, Chicago, IL 60609
Year(s): 2018
Participants: 8th grade
Partner(s): After School Matters
Description: Using a mix of Chicagoan symbols, and a feathered serpent, complete with a Chicano theme, this piece adorns the hallways of James Hedge's School. It celebrates the Chicano culture that is at the core of the school. 


Blair Early Childhood Center by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Clearing, 6751 W 63rd Pl Chicago, IL 60638
Year(s): 2018
Participants: interns and volunteers
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Jordan Taggart, Elnaz Javani, Jamie Porto
Description: Blair Early Elementary Center serves students ages 3-6 years old with disabilities including developmental delays, autism, and severe/profound cognitive impairments. This mural beautifies their outdoor garden and play space with a colorful scene of nature. The flower petals were individually hand-sculpted by the students.

Michele Clark Elementary by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Austin, 5101 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL 60644
Year(s): 2018
Participants: 9th-12th grade, volunteers and summer interns 
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team:
Description: Inside Michele Clark Magnet High School the pillars are decorated with 4 particularly influential African American icons that have made a lasting impact on many lives through their philanthropic work: Michele Clark Barack Obama, Chance the Rapper, and Muhammad Ali.

Audubon Elementary by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Roscoe Village, 3500 North Hoyne Avenue Chicago, IL 60618
Year(s): 2018
Participants: 4th graders
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Jordan Taggart, Elnaz Javani, Jamie Porto
Description: The mural showcased at Audubon Elementary school combines images of architecture from ancient cultures with scenes from beyond the stratosphere in outer space. 

18th Ward by Erica Hawkinson

Location: Ashburn, W 79th St & S Kedzie Ave Chicago, IL 60652
Year(s): 2018
Participants: Volunteers and Community Members
Square Footage: 3200
Partner(s): 18th Ward
Green Star Team: Michal Taylor, Humberto Saldana, Kamelia Hristeva
Description: This mural, located at a busy intersection on the Southwest Side of Chicago, is part of the 50x50 Neighborhood Arts Project, which provided funding for a public art project in each of Chicago's 50 Wards.

The 18th Ward chose us to help beautify this Metra underpass to make it more pedestrian-friendly. They wanted a design that would name each of the different neighborhoods of the ward, showcase the diversity in the area, and highlight the fact that many people in the ward are civil servants, including police and fire fighters. 


Fernwood Elementary by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Washington Heights- 10041 S Union Ave, Chicago, IL 60628
Year(s): 2017-2018
Participants: 4th-8th Grade
Green Star Team: Jordan Taggart, Elnaz Javani, Jamie Porto
Description: In 2017, the students at Fernwood Elementary on the far South Side chose to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama alongside inspiring wording that decorates columns throughout the school's main hallway. Later, we worked with students to extend the mural and pay tribute to other important African American influences; Frederick Douglas, Angela Davis, Malcolm X, and The Black Panther Party.

Brooklyn Boulders-West Loop by Erica Hawkinson


Location: Near West Side-100 S Morgan St. Chicago, IL 60607
Year(s): 2017
Square Footage: 2
Partner(s): n/a
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Erica Hawkinson, Shelby Curwen-Garber, Miriam Model Gazen
Description: We completed two pieces for the rock-climbing company, Brooklyn Boulders. The mosaic brightens up the entrance and reflects the colorful, dramatic, and geometric shapes of the indoor climbing wall.

Colvin House by Erica Hawkinson


Location:  Edgewater-5940 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660
Year(s): 2017
Participants: 30 [9th-12th Grade]
Square Footage: 375 sq ft
Partner(s): After School Matters; 48th Ward
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Jordan Taggart, Elnaz Javani
Description: Over the fall of 2016, teens in our After School Matters program at Broadway Armory explored the ideas of identity and diversity during our design workshops, then they combined their thoughtful sketches into a masterpiece that showcases the beauty of multiculturalism. In the spring of 2017, they finally created and installed the mural at Colvin House in Edgewater.

West Ridge Nature Preserve by Erica Hawkinson


Location: West Ridge-5801 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60659
Year(s): 2017
Participants: n/a
Square Footage: 90 sq ft
Partner(s): Ward 40
Green Star Team: Elnaz Javani, Clara Joyce, Claire Jakubiszyn
Description: Inspired by the lush beauty of the West Ridge Nature Preserve, these three mosaic tree tower sculptures, situated along the walking path, pay tribute to the surrounding wildlife.